Divya Prabhandham MA (DPMA)

DPMA is a website created by Amrutha T Embar. This website contains the information on how to join the MADP course and has a collation of lectures available over you tube at a single point.

You can even get solved assignments and question banks

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Dr. M A VenkataKrishnan


Dr. MAV was head of the Department of Vaishnavism in Madras University and after his retirement, has been instrumental in conducting multiple courses in Vaishnavism from different Universities, including the MA in Divya Prabhandham from Sastra University, Tanjavur.

Other Lecturers

  1. Dr. Anantha Padmabha
  2. Dr. Bhooma Venkatakrishnan
  • and the list continues
  • Varadarajan, Srinivasan etc.


‘Avananri Oranuvum Asaiyaadu’ – meaning ‘Without Him not even an atom can move!’

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Narayana Lord Srimannarayana is the way, means and the goal of human soul. Divya Prabhandhams are outpourings of twelve alvars who lived during later Dwaparayuga and earlier Kaliyuga. These 4000 pasurams/poems were consolidted by erlier Acharya Nathamuni and later Acharya Ramanujacharya.Under Oran Vazhi Sampradayam, Ramanujacharya was succeeded by his cousin Embar (Govinda Perumal), Parashara Bhattar (son of Koorathalwan), Namjeeyar, the great commentator Periyavachan Pillai and last but not least Manavala Mamunigal.

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